Blog # 2: Update! The first few weeks.



This semester I am taking an array of interesting classes. They are, psychopathology (abnormal psychology), Social and Personality Lab (part of the series of “lab courses” psychology students must take to learn how to conduct an experiment they come up with and practice with APA-(American Psychological Association( style writing), Family and Financial Planning, EPS-educational psychology 426-The Foundation of Psychedelics, and my third semester of Italian. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time in each class. In my lab course a group of students and I came up with a title for our own project that will be a small experiment based on divorce and the effect it has on maternal relationships with children. For psychopathology a few classmates and I are creating a poster to present at the Psychology Research day in December and hopefully the Undergrad Research & Artistry Day in the spring based on changes within the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual! For the Foundations of Psychedelics, I am working on a book report by a doctor who has researched the positive effects LSD can have in clinical settings and I will be conducting a literature review for my Family and Financial planning course to study the problems finances can cause within families. I am most excited to work on the poster for psychopathology as our project is extremely relevant to recent changes made in the psychological field. I am also looking forward to learning about the positive and enlightening thoughts about psychedelics since I have not studied it before.
Next semester I will be required to take my last semester of Italian and work on my capstone project for the honors project which I am currently thinking of ideas for.  I also need to take another psychology lab course and I am pushing myself to take a course titled, “Brain and Behavior” to help me better understand how the brain really controls and influences individual behavior.
My favorite class at NIU so far has been, “Group Parent Education 438” through the FCNS department. It was a great class because it enabled a small class to come up with an actual session of a group parenting class based on techniques we learned in class. Since I plan on becoming a therapist one day, it helped me to envision a therapeutic environment while learning how to apply group mediation techniques. Prior to the course I had never been able to feel so involved in a class!
I am truly thankful to be part of NLA this year and I am looking forward to working the football game in November. Go Huskies!

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